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Please join us Saturday April 18th for an event for our brother and drummer Tricky Ricky because… Leukemia.   We greatly appreciate all the prayers and thoughts that have been sent, they are all helping for as of the middle of March, Ricky is now in remission, has a bone marrow match, and is finally home with his family slowly recovering.  As you can imagine this has quite a financial burden on his family so thus out benefit.  Please come out and support a remarkable man that we are all so thankful for.  Sat. Apr. 18th.  12-5pm.  All Ages.  FB INVITE 

We are excited to announce that we have been hard at work in recording a new album entitled Labyrinth due out early 2015.  The culmination of many experiences, Labyrinth genuinely defines the essence of what KatsüK is: Conscious World Folk.  In the writing of "There and Back Again," a sound re-emerged that brought to form a return to something personally authentic and genuine.  Soon after, a whole host of other songs came forth to acknowledge the fact that we were on the right path.  One of those songs is called "Open Sea," which is now available for download.  The idea of the new album Labyrinth is in line with the Hopi Labyrinth of Life, The Tapuat, which in one way or another we are all winding our way through in this Earthly experience.  It is a reminder that it is just a game, and at "anytime we may leave the Labyrinth."  It is a Shamanic journey through the desert to vale, a powerfully uplifting epoch of transformation through inward weaving.  The sun is rising, yet by evidence of all the stars in the heavens, it has never set. 

There will be a few shows here and there, but come Spring, expect us.


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