...to KatsüK's Official Website.  We are happy you made it here.

We are excited to announce that we have been hard at work
in recording a new album due out early 2015.  The culmination of many experiences, this album genuinely defines the essence of what KatsüK is, an organic conscious musical movement.  We look forward to the horizon.  Be on the lookout for the first single "Open Sea" coming very soon.

Below is, Zero Point, an album we put out late 2012.  We invite you to listen, ingest it, absorb it in it's entirety.  Afterwards, please feel free to go to the STORE and help us continue on the path of creating more music for the good of all concerned.  A little support goes along way.  Thank you.  Play It Forward!
Please take a moment and sign the mailing list to find out all about the happenings with the band!  You can also follow us on all these jabber jabber social media blah blah blah sites below where we will be talking about stuff and things and whatevers.  It's a big deal.  You're a big deal.  We are the red pill.