Description of the new book: The Mystical Lakes

Inspirational Bedtime Stories For All Ages. Vol.1

In every part of the world, deep in sweltering jungles, high atop mountain peaks, tucked away in rolling hill sides, valleys, plains and vast deserts, there lies a series of magical, Mystical Lakes.   

These Mystical Lakes were designed to be a sacred place that would give whomever asked a question to them the answers they were searching for.  Yet take heed; the answers are not always what one wants them to be, but rather the answers they truly need to hear, to heal and to grow.  In their waters they would reflect one’s inner treasure and the kind of dragons that fiercely guarded it.  They were to be a place that would show any adventurer what was holding them back, and how to let it go.  Also, illuminating just how magnificent and important those that peer into them are; and little one, you are so very important.


Daniel Katsük is an author, musician, producer, kids music and yoga teacher, anime voice and stage actor, artist and above all, the father of a brilliant and beautiful daughter. Throughout all these differing avenues of expression and devotion, Daniel brings to them a profound celebration of life, nature, compassion and spirituality that is deeply needed in these modern times.  The name “Katsük,” derived from his Indigenous roots loosely translates to “Being in the Center of Great Spirit’s Heart” and that is what you will find in the center of his first book, The Mystical Lakes



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