"One of the best things about this band is their live performance. They create an atmosphere that envelops the listener like a wall of sound one does not want to escape from. They are powerful performance artists who weave smoky, woodsy vocals into elemental guitar melodies, harmonies, and percussion"  ~Fort Worth Texas Magazine~

Kundalini Workshop - Dallas

Sync Yoga & Wellbeing, 1888 Sylvan Ave, Ste F-250, Dallas, TX 75208

'Get the Lead Out' Kundalini Class 12 Week Yoga & Meditation Series with Live Music. Led by Daniel Katsük

EVERY MONDAY AUGUST 29th - NOVEMBER 21st No class on Halloween 6:45pm - 8:00pm at Sync Yoga & Wellbeing

How do we grow without digging in the dirt? How can we release the chains of self sabotage that keep us tied to the past and old patterns that no longer serve? This twelve week Yoga and Meditation series is intentionally designed to not only strengthen the body, mind and soul, but to also aid in the removal of old patterns, addictions and root programs that may keep us from living the life we imagine.

Accompanied with live percussion, guitar, flute and singing bowls, you will learn powerful techniques to strengthen the will, purge chemical/mental toxins and quiet the mind. Daniel Katsük has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for three years, Sound Therapy for over 15 years and brings a fun and inviting approach to the practice.

WEEK 1: Kriya for Navel Center and Elimination w/ Meditation of Rejuvenation WEEK 2: Kriya for Eliminating Tension and Pain w/ Meditation for Acute Depression WEEK 3: Kriya for Getting the Body out of Distress & Healing the Self WEEK 4: Kriya for Letting the Liver Live w/ 16 Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health WEEK 5: Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination w/ Meditation on Stress Relief and Clearing the Emotions of the Past WEEK 6: Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger w/ Meditation for Mental Control WEEK 7: Kriya for Detoxification w/ Meditation for Healing Addictions WEEK 8: Kriya for Disease Resistance w/ Caliber of Life Meditation WEEK 9: Kriya to Relax and Release & Remove Haunting Thoughts WEEK 10: Kriya for Transforming Lowest Triangle to Highest Triangle w/ Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart WEEK 11: Kriya for Warriors: Tension Release & Conquering Pain WEEK 12: Kriya to Become Strong as Steel w/ Ego Eradicator Meditation

EARLY BIRD SIGN UP By August 19th - $180 After August 19th - $205 EMAIL: jen@syncdallas.com or katsuk@katsuk.com

Frame4Frame Festival

 —  —

South Street Patio, 400 E South St, Arlington, Texas 76010

KatsüK Set at 3:30-6:30pm

The Arlington Cultural Tourism Council (ACTC), The Arlington Film Commission and The Arlington Museum of Art, are proud to announce the inaugural Frame4Frame Festival - Film - Art - Music, September 15-18, 2016. #F4FFest16

The inaugural, four-day, Frame4Frame Festival, will provide a first of its kind musical and visual arts forum. #F4FFest16 is dedicated to raising cultural awareness and appreciation for the diverse population that exists throughout Arlington and North Texas. Sept 15-18, 2016 #F4FFest16

Ticket Information

Music Only $60 Film Only $60 All-Inclusive Pass $100. $100 all-inclusive will include a free, 20 oz. insulated Solo cup that will be refillable at the venues at a discounted rate.

Labyrinth CD RELEASE


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