"One of the best things about this band is their live performance. They create an atmosphere that envelops the listener like a wall of sound one does not want to escape from. They are powerful performance artists who weave smoky, woodsy vocals into elemental guitar melodies, harmonies, and percussion"  ~Fort Worth Texas Magazine~


Shipping & Receiving, 201 S Calhoun St,, Fort Worth, TX 76104


An improvisational drum orgasm featuring members of KatsüK

SKIN & BONES DRUM CULT Gatherings are of rare occurrence, reminiscent of a mysterious and passionate dream filled with heavy tribal rhythms, soaring violin, native flutes, driving bass and transcendental ambient vocals. Comprised of some of DFWs most progressive groups, we celebrate through music and dance the lives of those who have passed beyond the veil and the ever living.

Show begins at 10PM. $15 cover.



The Embargo (FULL BAND)

 —  —

The Embargo (FULL BAND), 210 E 8th St,, Fort Worth, TX 76102


We have been in the midst of recording a new album that truly defines the sound that KatsüK is, so we have had a few sparse shows here and there and back again. With that we have been aiming to play in more selected venues, where the listener is appreciated and the atmosphere is elevated to experience an evening that is consciously satiated.

We hope you can join us this very special evening for an early intimate concert with KatsüK (FULL BAND) at an amazingly sexy establishment embargo located in downtown Fort Worth.

It will be the time of your nine lives.

Embargo 210 E. 8th Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102 9pm-10:30pm $10 Cover.

FB INVITE: https://www.facebook.com/events/828112550573824/



The Science of Transformation Retreat

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The Ancient Yoga Center, 151 Lotus Cir., Austin, TX 78737


Elemental Yoga’s First All Inclusive Retreat The Ancient Yoga Center - January 16-18th, 2015 w/ a live performance by KatsüK Saturday Night.

Vision for the Weekend: To experience the power of community to inspire and empower each other to dig into the depths of our souls and find the common threads underneath that will transform our lives. Join us for a weekend of exploring the scientific practice of classical Ashtanga Yoga, as explicated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We will utilize the profound tools of breath, movement, awareness, visualization, self-inquiry, sound healing and spiritual community. Limited space available so sign up today!


Webiste for details Age limit: All ages

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